Video surveillance systems are relevant for shops, warehouses, manufacturing, services, apartments and cottages. This is a concern for safety, constant monitoring of the situation and a convenient tool for control.

We supply IP cameras that combine the functions of video surveillance and control of human body temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºС. The camera captures the face and the thermal imager measures the body temperature. Large selection of models from budget to premium segment.

Popular options are always in stock or available on order with delivery within a few days. If you need help, experts will select the right models for your tasks and budget


Our installation teams go to the site as quickly as possible, carefully place cameras and lay cables, fast connection and setup. Simple systems with up to 4 cameras are usually ready in 3-4 hours, for larger objects it takes 1-2 days.

On distance

It is convenient to view video from cameras anywhere there is Internet access, from a computer or from a phone, for example, while at home / in another city / on the road. We will configure access to your system, install the necessary programs and advise how to use all of this.