OOO "Art-Commerce" is an international agricultural trader, our main activity is the procurement, sale and delivery of legumes and cereals to its customers. Since its inception, we have focused on several classes of agricultural products.

At the moment, the company is actively developing such a direction as container transportation of chickpeas and grain from the regions of the Caspian and Black Seas (Novorossiysk port) both throughout Russia and to other countries of the world.

WHO ARE WE? - We are a company with a strong professional team.

“Art-Commerce” is a strong team of professionals, able to build strategic relationships with agricultural producers, as well as with representatives of transport in ports. Our goal is to build logistics in the regions of the Caspian and Black Seas (Novorossiysk port) for producers and intermediaries of agro-industrial goods, as well as clear planning and supply management throughout the world. We provide a range of services as a 4PL logistics operator. Our tasks include supply chain management, logistics planning and consulting for network structures of enterprises. We monitor the continuity of processes throughout the supply chain and information interaction between partners and customers.

We are able to provide manufacturers, intermediaries, as well as chickpea buyers and grain of appropriate quality and at the same time guarantee timely and accurate delivery of it to its destination. In addition, we advise clients on issues related to the latest methods of financing trade, hedging and other financial solutions.

In the business, "Art-Commerce" works with both real goods and information, so we provide our clients with professional research of the agrarian market.