The coast of the Caspian Sea, the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea of our country from a logistic point of view is advantageously located for shipments of grain and legumes. Almost over 80% of the export flow of products from the Russian Federation is shipped in bulk through the ports of Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Oli - by sea. For this purpose, specialized port elevators are used.

The benefits of shipping grain

We offer transportation and delivery of grain and legumes by sea, as sea shipping:

Safe. Container shipments are carried out in a relatively safe environment. Accidents involving ships occur much less frequently than in the case of automobiles. In addition, the rolling motion affects the cargo is not as detrimental as abrupt stops or bumps on the road due to accidents and damage to the asphalt.

Available at cost. The transport vessel is able to accommodate from 1,000 to 21,000 standard containers from various customers, which significantly reduces the cost of containerized sea freight for each of our clients.

Implemented promptly. Sea freight are made on strictly defined routes. In addition, there are no bad roads in the sea, emergency bridges or damaged rails. A vessel may delay slightly due to a storm or a breakdown.

Have a developed infrastructure. A huge advantage of container shipping by sea is their compatibility with other types of transportation. The transport infrastructure in this regard is well developed in our country.