We offer you to use one of our popular services - storage of crops in specialized storage facilities. Our storages are metal tanks in which chickpea or grain is poured, as well as various auxiliary objects - the place where goods are received, the dryer, the work tower, the equipment for unloading and loading.

The cost of storage of goods depends on several factors:

  • special equipment wears;
  • salary costs of workers who specialize in this area;
  • energy costs (lighting storage, its heating) and so on.

Regardless of the above costs, the price of the service of storing goods in the warehouses of our company will pleasantly surprise you.

The advantages of storing crops in our warehouses

  • Our metal vaults are perfectly protected against fire.
  • There are no rodents in the metal elevator
  • The probability of formation of pests is very minimal

The product storage service is one of the basic services provided by our company. Choosing us, you can be calm for the safety of their products.