We offer to use the service of delivery of grain and legumes with modern trucks of the brand MAN, Scania, KAMAZ with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons and a body capacity of up to 77 cubic meters. Taking into account the specific conditions of transportation of this type of product, grain transportation is carried out in special soft containers Big-bag or loose in bulk. In the latter case, tanks for grain during transportation are special tanks.

Grain and legumes are loaded from above, through special hatches, and unloading takes place at the bottom of the trailer. To increase the capacity and reduce the loss of cargo, the sides of dump trucks are increasing, filling up all the cracks.

Stages of cargo transportation

  • Transport booking
  • Loading grain at the sender's warehouse
  • Shipment to destination
  • Unloading
  • Transportation from port to customer’s warehouse

Own truck fleet of grain carriers of various tonnage provides not only the speed of each of the stages of cargo transportation, but also maneuverability, as well as independence in providing grain and bean logistics services to farmers and traders.

Maintenance of transport units produces a staff of qualified specialists of our fleet. All grain trucks are equipped with special systems for tracking the geography of movement and cargo safety, which allows us to inform the customer about the location of cargo online.

The professionalism of the drivers, as well as the availability of proven partners, allows us to organize land freight of any volume both throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and to other countries.

The cost of transporting goods by road depends on many factors:

  • delivery region;
  • distance traveled;
  • cargo volume;
  • delivery time.

To find out the price of delivery of goods by land type of transport, please contact our specialists. On an ongoing basis, our company offers and considers proposals for the provision of transport services to its partners and customers on mutually beneficial terms.

We guarantee the safety of your products during transportation.