The main method of high-quality storage of goods is the use of elevators. Each operation with legumes and grain crops in the elevators of our partners is fully mechanized, which ensures its free movement in the required direction, for example, sending for drying. In addition, the elevator allows fast loading and shipping.

Our elevators inside are equipped

  • noria and conveyors, due to which the grain can move freely in the required rhythm;
  • aeration systems;
  • temperature control system;
  • scales and a laboratory in which product quality criteria can be monitored.

The service "storage of goods in the elevator" begins with the point of reception of agricultural products. The product enters the receiving bunker, and then with the help of transport mechanisms it is sent to the working tower. It houses special equipment for cleaning beans or grain. Visually, the working tower resembles a multi-storey steel structure covered with galvanized steel.

The elevator complex is also equipped with modern grain drying equipment, as well as modern control systems, due to which it becomes possible to comply with all technological processes of storage of goods.

We provide a comprehensive service, which consists of such steps as:

  • reception of goods;
  • cleansing and placement;
  • proper storage.

At the exit, you will receive formed batches of goods that meet the requirements of the desired target application.

Employees of our company use only modern storage technologies, and also own techniques that do not allow the process of product self-heating. When storing legumes and grain crops, optimal indicators of temperature, humidity, and debris are selected. In addition, we test the product for germination and germination.